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Passing of an Angel

Dear friends of Alexys,

It is with a broken heart that my words find you.
Recently God called Alexys into his arms.
She was the nicest and most amazing person I ever knew.

She loved God and she spread love across the world through her writing.
God and writing were her true loves, it brought her so much joy. 
She’s probably writing Gods next speech right now.

God decided to end her pain and in this I take some solace as I saw her pain.
It is far better that he opened his arms and called her home and ended her suffering.
In my grief and loneliness I know that the heavens have a new Angel.

I know she has just moved on and continues to do Gods work.
I shall miss her, but she will live on in my heart and soul forever.
I will always remember her with love and affection.

God Bless Alexys and God Bless you All.

Andrew C. Mathews



God Does Not Die

on the day
when we cease
to believe
in a personal
but WE DIE
on the day
when our lives
cease to be
by the steady
of a wonder,
the source
of which is
beyond all

~Dag Hammarskjöld



Love Is Power

From the archives.

Love is power. Think about it. Let the thought consume you and slowly make its way through your pores. 

Love can smite us to our knees - knock us off our feet - drive us out of our head and send us to our grave in one fell swoop.

It has it’s hand in every part of nature. If it weren’t for the power of love, we wouldn’t be here. We were born from the black coal of darkness into the white light of love.

Love travels a long journey to find us - through hell and high water - through icy blizzards and scorching deserts. It wants to be with us. It wants to become us. 

So it keeps searching for it’s opening, but we block it. It tries again and we block it again. And when it finally finds an opening, what do we do?

We wrap it around our ego and try to contain it in our little human consciousness. Love is not a puzzle, yet it leaves many puzzled.

We try to rename it. We misrepresent it. We disrespect it. We desecrate it. We abuse it - yet through it all, love is unscathed.

When detached from the ego, love writes itself in our hearts in volumes. We would travel to the end of time just to be in it’s arms. It’s grip is tight but not forceful. It's hand soft and gentle.

It makes us into who we are. We are sonnets gliding off of love’s tongue. We are love songs sung and heard by the heart. We are the bud becoming the rose. The caterpillar becoming the butterfly. The wings gently spreading to take the sky.

With each day, the power of love helps us find the courage to overcome our perceptions of love and whittle them down to nothing. We don’t have to think about love to be love. We just have to be.

Love is our autobiography writing itself with our lives.

What is love to you?



What You Have

“Do not spoil what you have
By desiring what you have not.
Remember that what you now have
Was once among the things
You only hoped for.” 




To Dream

“To dream anything that
You want to dream. 
That's the beauty
Of the human mind.
To do anything
That you want to do.
That is the strength
Of the human will.
To trust yourself
To test your limits.
That is the courage

~Bernard Edmonds



Feel The Spirit

Feel the spirit rising in you that has risen in so many others to be grateful of your accomplishments and failures, for your loves and losses, for everything that has brought you forward to this point in time. 

The pilgrims were impoverished and made seven times more graves than huts, but they didn’t let that stop them from giving thanks for each other and their experience.



Letting Go For Good

A guy was climbing a tree when suddenly he slipped and was hanging onto a branch. 

After an hour or so had passed, he felt himself getting exhausted and looked up to the heavens and cried out, “God help me, please help me.”
All of a sudden the clouds parted and a voice boomed out from beyond them, “Let Go!,” it said.
The guy paused and looked up at heaven once more, then said, “Is there anyone else up there?”


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